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Traffic Violations:

While many think of traffic violations as DUIs or other minor traffic violations that result in a ticket traffic violations actualy covers a wide range of offences while driving a motor vehicle. Here are some common traffic violations....
Careless/ Reckless Driving
Suspended or Revoked Driver's Licence
Driver's License Restoration
Disobeying Traffic Signs
Cutting Corners
Improper Turns
State Registration Law
Child Safty Seat
Child Restraint Law
Failure to stop for a Siren
Failure to stop for a School Bus
Illegal U-Turn
Illegal Passing
Following to Closely


DUI:Driving Under the Influence
DWI:Driving WHile Intoxicated
OWI:Operating while Impared
While dui/dwi are interchangeable OWI, refurs to the operation of other machinery, such as work related equipment like backhoes and fork trucks.

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