Michigan Family Law

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Safeguarding Your Loved Ones

If you have a family matter you need to be resolved, consult with Erwin F. Meiers III, PC Attorney at Law. Family law can be difficult for everyone involved. Let Fred Meiers help you through your divorce, custody battle or other sensitive family matters. There is no need to stress yourself out with complicated legal filings and overwhelming paperwork. Let the caring and experienced team at Erwin F. Meiers III, PC Attorney at Law take care of it for you.

Compassion for your Circumstances

Fred Meiers will give you the one-to-one attention that your circumstances deserve. He will earn your trust and respect the unique conditions of your situation. As a smaller law firm, we can give each of our client’s individual attention. Let our highly-rated divorce law firm handle your divorce proceedings and you can rest assured that your needs will be our highest priority.

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Overwhelm You

The divorce process can be messy, stressful and emotionally draining. Your life is suddenly turned upside-down. Our firm will do everything possible to reduce your stress and work to settle things outside the courtroom whenever feasible. We will keep your wellbeing and your interests our top priority throughout the divorce settlement or litigation. Though every step of the divorce process, from revising wills, trusts and estate planning through marital tort litigation you can rely on Erwin F. Meiers III, PC Attorney at Law. If necessary, sensitive issues such as emotional distress or abuse will be handled with the utmost discretion and sympathy.

​Post-Divorce Legal Modifications

Fulfilling the requirements of a divorce decree over the years such as child support, child custody or alimony is not always easy. If your situation changes over time, you may be able to make changes to a divorce decree post-judgment. Fred Meiers Attorney at Law is ready to assist you with these changes when required.

Child Custody Arrangements

Deciding child custody is often a complicated matter. There are many issues to consider, but the overriding concern should always be the best interests of the child. Mediation or negotiation to determine the best course of action often leads to better results for everyone concerned. There are many kinds of custody arrangements. Trust our firm to guide you through this process and to help you figure out the best option.

If down the line the custody arrangement needs to be changed, our firm is ready to assist you. If an agreement becomes impractical or stops working because of a change in the schedule or lifestyle of the parent, we can help find a new arrangement. The legal process of child custody modification can sometimes be lengthy and difficult. You need the experience of an expert attorney to facilitate the process and make the changes you need.