Collaborative Divorce In Michigan

The decision to file for divorce may be the most difficult decision that a couple will ever make. The
Aside from all of the elements involved in a divorce from joint assets to child custody and support, if you or your spouse own a business, this can make the process of divorce seem more complicated. A Collaborative Divorce allows the process to eliminate disagreements and further stress.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

A Collaborative Divorce is very similar to what it sounds like; both parties agree to work together in order to work through each aspect of the divorce. When you own a business, a divorce can become quite costly, with a collaborative divorce, each of the spouse’s attorneys works together to form an agreement that is amenable to both parties. The agreement generally covers every area including:

Any Joint Marital Property

  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation
  • Spousal Support
  • Financial Assets

You will likely be working with experienced professionals such as:

  • Attorneys specializing in Collaborative Divorce
  • Neutral Marriage Therapists
  • Neutral Financial Accountants
  • Child Psychologist where necessary

Collaborative Decisions

Through various meetings and productive discussions, you and your spouse will have come to a consensus on both of your interests and needs. The latter limits the courts’ involvement in your divorce and allows the process to move more fluidly. The collaborative divorce process is always confidential in nature and in practice so you can rest assured that every element of your communication and every parties involvement in the collaboration is handled with complete privacy. Once all parties have concluded that the agreement has met their needs, the agreement is then filed with the court and becomes legally binding.

Get Help With Your Collaborative Divorce In Flint, Michigan

If you and your spouse believe that you are prepared to work together in order to move forward with your divorce as amicably as possible, a collaborative divorce may be the best avenue for you. Contact Erwin today to learn more about how he can assist you.