Domestic Violence Charges

Often a misunderstanding can lead to accusations of domestic violence in the home. A heated argument or discussion can escalate quite easily. Before you know it, you can be accused of domestic violence. In Michigan, a person accused of Domestic Violence can be charged with a misdemeanor under Assault and Battery. Regardless of what happened just prior to your arrest, the one thing that you can be certain of is that a domestic violence arrest cannot be undone.

What Comes Next?

I am sure you have asked yourself this question; what if your accusor changes there mind and later decides that they made a mistake, or that they went too far? Unfortunately, there is no option for that person to have the charges against you dropped. You are in this for the long haul which means that there is a possibility that you and your accuser, regardless of whether your share the same home or not, may not be able to have contact. Because Domestic Violence is taken very seriously in Michigan, a prosecutor will be pursuing charges against you, with or without the cooperation of your accuser. We cannot go back in time and undo words that lead to actions and no two relationships are the same, the fact of the matter is that once the line is crossed and law enforcement knocks at your door, your life may be forever changed. You will want to get ahead of your charges and contact a criminal lawyer immediately.

What Happens If You Are Charged With Domestic Violence?

In the state of Michigan, violence against your husband or wife, or former spouse or even an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is considered assault. This includes anyone with whom you have a child in common, a person you are dating or a former roommate.  If you are found guilty of the charges, you can face more than three months in prison for a first offense as well as fines. More than that, this can affect your quality of life and future. Depending on the level of assault and details surrounding the circumstances, you can face additional fines and penalties. While the above are the worst-case scenarios, you may also be offered a plea or have the charges dropped, it is impossible to know the outcome without having all of the information. No two arrests are the same, therefore, you will want to go over your case in detail with your attorney in order to cultivate the best strategy for your defense.

Get Help With Your Domestic Violence Charges

The first thing that you must do if you have been charged or accused of assault and battery is to speak with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney.  If you are located in Flint, Michigan or the surrounding area, learn more about how I can help you by contacting me today for assistance.